6 Riding Safety Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Throughout spring and summer the number of motorcyclists on the road will increase. It is important for both motorists and motorcyclists to be aware of one another. – David Teater, a transportation safety director at the National Safety Council (NSC)1

Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

With more motorcyclists hitting the roads in May as the weather warms up, authorities across the nation have dedicated the month of May to promoting Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The goal of this annual effort is to educate all motorists about what they can do to minimize the risk of motorcycle accidents and enhance safety for all travelers sharing America’s roadways.

Supporting this campaign, we are sharing the following riding safety tips. While making these tips part of your riding habits can minimize your crash risk, please remember that, if you are every hurt in a motorcycle wreck, Attorney D.J. Banovitz is here for you, ready to help you pursue compensation and justice.

Important Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

  1. Always wear safety gear – Riders are far more vulnerable to catastrophic (if not fatal) injuries when crashes happen because there’s nothing around them (like the structure of a vehicle) to absorb the impact of a collision. So, use the protections that are available, like:
    • DOT-approved safety helmets, which can reduce the risk of deadly injuries by more than 35 percent and the risk of non-fatal head injuries by about 67 percent when crashes happen2
    • Safety jackets and gloves
    • Riding boots and pants.
  2. Always comply with traffic laws – While means stopping at red lights, abiding by right-of-ways and not speeding, it also means never riding when drunk (or otherwise impaired). Being sober and following the basic traffic laws can cut riders’ risk of a motorcycle accident by at least four times.3
  3. Be as predictable and visible as possible – This goes along with the above tip because, if you’re following traffic laws when riding, other drivers will be able to easily predict your next action and where you intend to be (so long as they’re sober and paying attention to the road). Part of this safety tip also involves staying out of other drivers’ blind spots (as much as possible) and wearing reflective gear (when riding at night).
  4. Be especially cautious at intersections – Where multiple vehicles converge at intersections, the risk of crashes (for any motorist) can increase. Taking the right-of-way by turning left in front of riders is one of the most frequent types of crashes. So, try to be as alert as possible at intersections by practicing the SEE method (See, Evaluate & Execute when making riding choices).
  5. Check the weather before you ride – Slick roads and poor visibility can put any rider at risk, no matter how experienced or safe (s)he may be. So, don’t set yourself up for a risky ride by getting on your bike without first checking the weather. Be on alert for road markings and road paint as they can be super slippery when wet. It could alert you to adverse conditions, helping you select a safer mode of transportation.
  6. Always ride defensively – This basically means that you should count on other drivers to break the law, not see you and/or not yield to you when you’re riding. You should always expect the worst from other drivers! Be aware and prepared to quickly respond if or when risky situations may arise.

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1: Statement issued as part of the 2010 May Motorcycle Safety Awareness Campaign

2: According to IIHS

3: According to the NHTSA

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