Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Types of Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents Caused by Road Surface Hazards in Denver

If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle or bicycle accident caused by hazards related to the road’s surface, you could be entitled to compensation. The best way to learn about your legal rights is to consult with a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer.

Common Types of Road Surface Hazards

Hazardous road conditions are especially dangerous for those who ride bicycles or motorcycles. What has little or no impact on a car can lead to a crash if travelling on a bike or motorcycle. Crashes of this nature can often lead to serious, disabling or fatal injuries. As a result, you may be entitled to compensation.

Some of the common types of road surface hazards that increase the risk of a bicycle or motorcycle accident include:

  • debris/objects;
  • railway/trolley tracks;
  • roads in disrepair;
  • potholes;
  • snow/ice;
  • sewer gates;
  • graveled pavement;
  • standing water;
  • differing heights of traffic lanes;
  • slippery/slick surfaces;
  • expansion joints; and
  • open bridge joints.

These road surfaces can make a bike or motorcycle unstable, difficult to maneuver and control, and more likely to run into the path of another vehicle. As a result, catastrophic injuries may be sustained.

Liability in a Bicycle/Motorcycle Accident Caused by Road Surface Hazards

Determining liability in a case such as this can be complicated. It will usually rest with a county, city or state agency.

Just because a road surface hazard exists, doesn’t mean you will automatically be entitled to compensation. You will also need to prove that the responsible party either caused it or knew of it and failed to remedy the situation.

In some cases, however, a private business or individual may be liable. For instance, if you were coming into the parking lot of a restaurant and the surface was cracked with jutting pieces of concrete and you are injured, they may be responsible.

Consulting with a Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

This type of case can be very difficult to navigate. The other party may try to say that you somehow contributed to the resulting accident.

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