Monetary Damages You May Know You Can Obtain in a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claims provide compensation to those who have sustained physical harm as a result of someone else’s negligence. Certain types of compensation are pretty common in these cases, like monetary damages for medical expenses. But there may be other damages available about which an injured victim isn’t readily aware.

Future Medical Costs

Most people who file an insurance claim are looking for reimbursement of property damage (if this applies) and medical expenses. Although these are certainly important aspects of an injury case, many people don’t consider damages for future medical costs.

Unless someone has reached the end of treatment or knows that nothing further can improve the condition, nobody can assume that additional treatment may not be required later. Sometimes a claim settles before receiving all treatment, which can include compensation for anticipated future expenses. Of course, this would require getting a pretty good idea of what it might cost.

A physician might need to provide documentation of the type of treatment that is required and the anticipated costs. For instance, the accident victim may have already undergone surgery, but the doctors may know a second procedure will be necessary in a few months. To ensure the claim accounts for future medical expenses, it’s best to work with an attorney.

Future Lost Wages

This can also apply to someone’s lost earnings. Many people realize they can be compensated for the wages they lose during recovery, especially when it’s for a lengthy period of time. The same is true when doctors expect future medical treatment will keep the victim out of work in the future or for an extended period of time. In such cases, recoverable monetary damages may also include anticipated earnings.

Permanent Disability

Another issue that can arise in a personal injury claim is physical harm that results in permanent disability. Not only could this prevent someone from working, or necessitate changing occupations, it can affect one’s quality of life. Damages may address this as well.

Emotional Damages (Economic and Noneconomic)

Many claimants aren’t aware they can recover damages for emotional injuries. Although the physical aspect of an injury can certainly impact accident victims, in some circumstances it can also have a psychological effect. For instance, disability may lead to depression. Or if an injury was disfiguring, damages may address mental anguish or emotional distress.

In serious accidents, a person can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety. Costs to treat these conditions – such as therapy or medication – may be recoverable. But the individual may also recover compensation for having to suffer with these emotional injuries.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are another type of monetary damages that accident victims may recover. Personal injury claim compensation rarely includes punitive damages because the main purpose is to punish the other party and deter future reckless or criminal behavior. But in cases where an individual acted with malice or in a reckless manner, it could be an option.

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