Microsurgery for an Injury and Complications That May Ensue

Injuries from an accident—whether as a pedestrian, bicyclist or occupant in a motor vehicle—may require various types of treatment. In many cases, this involves surgery. If the surgeon must work with very tiny structures and instruments, he may use microscopes as an aid – this is called microsurgery.

Microsurgery as a Treatment Option for Injuries Sustained in an Accident

The surgical microscope magnifies smaller parts of the body that need work such as:

  • tiny arteries;
  • blood vessels;
  • nerves;
  • veins;
  • tendons; and
  • capillaries.

Not only is the injured area easier to view but the surgeon can also see the thin thread that may be used as stitches. Microsurgery is an option for a variety of different injuries requiring stitching nerves, blood vessels and other small structures. It’s also performed to reattach smaller parts of the body like fingers and toes.

Complications That May Develop as a Result of Microsurgery

All surgeries come with inherent risks, such as the procedure failing to provide the intended benefit and requiring a subsequent surgery. There is also the risk of complications with anesthesia. Microsurgery may also bring the risk of blood clots forming in the damaged vessels.

Infections are also possible complications with microsurgery. In severe cases of infection, the injured part of the body—such as a limb—might have to be amputated. Even without these drastic consequences, infection can become life-threatening, which prolongs the person’s recovery.

After the procedure, doctors may prescribe aspirin and blood thinners to reduce the risk of clotting in the damaged blood vessels that were just repaired. Antibiotics are also common to help reduce the risk of infection after the surgery.

Costs for Microsurgery are Recoverable in an Accident Claim

A patient undergoing microsurgery for an injury suffered in an accident may be pursuing compensation from the party liable for the accident and resultant injuries. This requires establishing that party’s negligence caused the accident, of course.

Let’s say a bicycle accident occurred while leaving Memorial Park in Arvada. The driver had failed to yield and therefore was at fault for the collision. The rider suffered not only a broken leg but his/her toes were crushed when struck by a vehicle.

Any costs incurred or financial losses stemming from the injuries could be sought. This includes cost of treatment if a surgeon must perform microsurgery in order to reattach severed toes or repair damaged blood vessels in the area.

Patients may recover compensation for medical bills stemming from the accident. Any earnings the victim is without because of the accident and injuries might also be available. This would include any additional time missed from work while recovering from the procedure.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding the accident, if the injuries sustained are serious, victims may seek additional forms of compensation depending on the repercussions of the accident. For instance, it might be possible to recover pain and suffering damages if the injuries result in chronic pain. Victims may pursue compensation for disfigurement if the injuries result in permanent scarring.

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