Lawyers in Denver Talk Landlord Tenant Disputes Involving Negligent Security

If dealing with a tenant and landlord dispute involving injuries because of poor maintenance or negligent security, lawyers in Denver can review your case and help determine who is responsible for subsequent injuries. Liability may be determined by whether the individual had a right to be on the property, as well as what led to the injury.

If the accident and injuries came while trespassing, that may negate any liability on behalf of the property owner. But someone who had the legal right to be on the property may have the right to file a claim within the statute of limitations.

Tenant and Landlord Disputes in a Premises Liability Case

There are numerous scenarios in which a dispute could arise between a tenant and landlord regarding injuries suffered on a property. Landlords have a duty to maintain the premises and perform necessary repairs to correct any hazards. If you were a tenant and became injured, you would need to show that the owner’s negligence was the cause of your accident and injuries.

One of the considerations in these cases is whether or not the landlord exercised reasonable care. So let’s say the railing on a balcony was loose and a tenant leans on it and falls. If the landlord knew it needed to be fixed and yet did not fix it, this would likely be considered negligence.

If the property owner was aware of violence on the property and did not take adequate measures to secure the premises you may have a case of negligent security. A lawyer in Denver can review the case to determine if a landlord may be liable any injuries arising out of inadequate security.

Repairs and maintenance are generally the responsibility of the landlord. But there are also situations where a tenant’s negligence could lead to an accident and injuries. This may include causing or creating a hazard and failing to notify the landlord of the issue so he or she may repair it.

Discussing Negligent Security with Lawyers in Denver

So many factors can go into a premises liability case. When there is a question as to who is responsible, speak with an attorney. Learn more about your case by ordering our FREE Colorado personal injury guide. It offers helpful tips that can keep you from making serious mistakes that could damage your chance of recovery. Call D.J. Banovitz at 303-300-5060 to discuss negligent security with a lawyer in Denver if you are in a landlord and tenant dispute.

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