Lawyer Help Center

The Law Office of D.J. Banovitz, L.L.C. routinely handles litigation referrals from other attorneys. Most injury lawyers, including the ones that refer cases, are members of the CTLA and have access to briefs, motions, and advice from fellow Colorado lawyers. Although D.J. Banovitz is a prolific contributor to the trial lawyers listserv, he frequently gets requests directly from other lawyers for advice, briefs, pleadings, and motions. This area of the website is intended to assist those attorneys and others with accident, premises, and product liability cases throughout the Denver metropolitan area, Colorado and elsewhere. We will do our best to continue to add content to this part of our website to make it a valuable resource for injury lawyers. If you are the victim of a car, truck, bicycling, pedestrian or slip and fall accident, click here for the Personal Injury Victim Help Center. If you are a lawyer looking to refer a case or co-counsel please contact the firm here.