Is it worth it to file a slip and fall personal injury claim after falling in a Colorado grocery store?

If you are injured after falling down in a grocery store, it may be worth filing a slip and fall claim to recover compensation for the medical expenses associated with your injuries as well as lost wages. Premises liability in Colorado holds property owners responsible for maintaining safe environments for shoppers; therefore, you may be entitled to a settlement if you are injured because of negligence.

Many slip and fall injuries occur as a result of spills, liquids, and food that ends up on the floor. If these substances are not cleaned, an unsuspecting shopper may slip and fall. Unfortunately, many of these liquids can blend into the floor, making them difficult to see.

A grocery store slip and fall can cause a number of serious injuries. The most typical injuries seen after a slip and fall include:

  • back injuries;
  • neck injuries;
  • nerve damage; and
  • hip fractures.

These injuries may require extensive medical treatment, including surgery and therapy, and can cause pain and suffering, disability, and even diminished quality of life. If the slip and fall injury is very serious, you may face lost wages and the lost ability to earn a living.

Attorney D.J. Banovitz understands premises liability in Colorado and can help you determine if you have a viable slip and fall claim and can recover damages for your financial losses. Our firm has the experience and resources necessary to launch an investigation to collect evidence proving that the property owner was responsible for your injuries in an effort to obtain a settlement.

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