Insurance and Rented Car Accidents

Car accidents in a personally owned car are challenging enough; rented car accidents can be even more confusing, complicated and difficult to manage. In addition to the drivers involved in the accident, the rental company adds a third party to the rental vehicle claim. In Colorado, Aurora car accident lawyer D.J. Banovitz can provide assistance to accident victims.

Steps after a Rented Car Accident

Drivers who have been in a rented car accident should follow several steps to ensure their safety, as well as make the rental vehicle claims process easier and more hassle-free down the road.

Specifically, drivers should:

    • Call the police. A police report can be a key piece of evidence when filing a claim to establish the cause of the accident.
    • Exchange information with the other driver and avoid admitting any type of fault.
    • Seek medical attention and call an ambulance if others on the scene are injured.
    • Take notes regarding the accident and if possible, snap photos of any evidence.


  • Report the accident to the rental car company.
  • Report the accident to the driver’s insurance company.


Once these steps have been completed, drivers can proceed to managing their accident claim, as well as handling repair and injury costs.

Rental Car Accident Claims

The way damages and injury expenses are handled in a rental car accident claim depends on the insurance involved. When initially renting a vehicle, drivers will be asked a number of questions about their personal insurance policy, often regarding their deductibles and their types of coverage. Additionally, they will be asked if they would like to add supplemental coverage for the rental car.

Drivers will have the option to:

  • decline any supplemental coverage altogether;
  • purchase supplemental coverage; or
  • purchase a collision waiver.

The option a driver chooses will help determine how the rental vehicle claims process will proceed if an accident occurs.

How Insurance Works

A driver who declines extra coverage altogether will be forced to use only their personal insurance coverage. The amount of accident costs the insurance will cover depends on the specifics of the policy.

In many cases, the driver will at least have to pay his or her required deductible to the rental car company up front. Additionally, the driver may need to pay the rental fees the company will lose while the vehicle is in repair.

If supplemental insurance is bought, that policy will go toward paying the accident costs, including repairs, injuries and other damages. If expenses go above and beyond that policy’s limits, often, the driver’s personal insurance policy will kick in and help cover costs.

If a credit card is used to rent the vehicle, the credit card company may offer some protection. Drivers should check with their credit card company for specifics.

If the driver has purchased a collision waiver, they have essentially freed themselves of any responsibility for repairs and damages in the event of a collision. With the exception of medical expenses, all costs will be the rental company’s responsibility.

Were you in a rented car accident?

Rental car accidents can be confusing. Victims who were involved in this type of wreck in Colorado can speak with Aurora car accident lawyer D.J. Banovitz before proceeding with a rental vehicle claim. Call 303-300-5060 to speak to an attorney at the Law Offices of DJ Banovitz about a rented car accident.

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