Injury Claims Need Evidence for Nerve Damage after Car Accidents

Some injuries from a car accident are obvious, such as a broken bone or laceration to the forehead. But other kinds aren’t diagnosed until the person has sought medical attention. One example is nerve damage after a car accident. It’s important to understand how it can affect someone’s life and how it could impact damages in a claim.

How do you prove nerve damage from a car accident?

Significant trauma to the body or crush injuries can cause nerve damage. It most often affects the face, neck, shoulders and back. Because nerve damage can have long-term effects, don’t wait to see a doctor. Get checked out right away.

It’s important to describe what happened in the accident, which parts of the body suffered injury and where you see symptoms of nerve damage after an accident. It’s not uncommon for those with nerve damage to feel chronic pain accident injuries like tingling or burning in the injured area.

Providing this information to the doctor will help link the injury to the car accident. Medical records, notes from the doctor, x-rays and other documentation can help show this.

What is the worth of a claim for nerve damage after a car accident?

If someone else caused the accident, that driver’s insurance company will pay for damages. In general this includes medical bills and lost wages. But some injuries could lead to other forms of compensation — such as pain and suffering or disability.

Several factors will determine the worth of nerve damage from a car accident. The severity of the injury is one example. Is it temporary and expected to last a few weeks? Or is there permanent damage that results in paralysis?

The types of symptoms also can impact the worth of nerve damage after a car accident. They could include pain, numbness, weakness and tingling. The extent to which these symptoms interfere with someone’s ability to work or perform daily tasks also are taken into account.

Another factor is location of the injury. Is the nerve damage isolated to one part (such as the shoulder)? Or do the symptoms travel to other areas of the body? A victim may suffer nerve damage in the shoulder, but pain could radiate into the arm, neck and back.

Because of the uncertainty surrounding nerve damage after a car accident, it’s best not to settle a claim prematurely. You need to know the expected duration of symptoms and permanency of the damage.

How can an attorney help with my car accident claim?

Nerve damage from a car accident isn’t always permanent. But it’s possible to endure weeks, months or even longer of pain and other symptoms. It’s best to seek legal advice to learn how you can protect your rights.

An attorney can help determine if the other driver was at fault for the accident and collect evidence that proves it. Just as important is proving the extent and severity of one’s injuries. This will give you a better chance at receiving a fair settlement from the insurance company.

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