Injury Attorney in Arvada, Colorado Looks at Off-Road Cycling Safety Issues

Injured in an off-road cycling crash? An injury attorney in Arvada, Colorado can help if your collision was caused by the negligence of someone else. D. J. Banovitz understands the concerns of bicycle safety, as he is an avid cyclist himself.

Bicycle Safety: Off-Road Cycling

According to Bikes Belong, previous studies have shown that off-road paths, along with on-road bike lanes and routes, are the safest area for cyclists. However, anytime you get on that bike, there is the risk that something could go wrong, so stay diligent and always remember bicycle safety.

Keep in mind that with off-road cycling, the terrain is often rough. You should make sure you invest in a mountain bike designed for this type of riding. Just as there are rules of the road when you are riding the streets, there are rules of the trail that can make your ride safer.

If you are riding off-road, here are some rules to follow:

  • use an appropriate bike (e.g. mountain bikes);
  • choose trails that are well marked and stick to the path;
  • ride on the right side of the trail;
  • be mindful and respectful of other riders;
  • if the trail is crowded, reduce your speed;
  • before entering a trail, look for other riders;
  • if overtaking someone else on the trail, call out “passing” or ring your bike bell;
  • pass on the left and only when it is clear to do so;
  • look out for debris or animals that may be in your way;
  • don’t wear headphones or ear buds;
  • when making stops and turns, use the proper hand signals;
  • don’t stop in the middle of the trail; and
  • ride single file.

Unfortunately, you can practice bicycle safety, yet still end up injured because of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness. As a result, you may be facing a long recovery and be unable to work.

If this is the case, discuss with D.J. Banovitz, an injury attorney in Arvada, Colorado, if you may file a claim to recover compensation for damages. Medical expenses and lost wages may be recoverable if another’s negligence led to your injuries.

Consulting with an Injury Attorney in Arvada, Colorado

After a bicycle accident, D.J. Banovitz can review your case and discuss your legal rights. Take the time to order our FREE injury guide and call 303-300-5060 to set up an appointment with an injury attorney in Arvada, Colorado to discuss your off-road cycling accident.