Injured Child: How long do I have to recover for injuries to my child?

This is a difficult question that many lawyers fail to answer correctly and, as a result, claims are destroyed. 30In an auto accident the statute of limitations, the time by which a lawsuit must be filed or settlement must be take place, is three years. However, the statute of limitation is ‘tolled’ or suspended until the child or minor reaches the age of 18 for noneconomic losses. Noneconomic losses include what most folks refer to as pain and suffering. PARENTAL CAUTION: You are legally responsible for the economic losses, which included things like medical bills and other money losses. The statute of limitations for the parents’ ability to bring suit for these losses is not tolled or suspended until your child reaches eighteen and depending on how your child was injured may be less than three years. Make you and your attorney understand that the statute of limitations is different for separate categories of damages or you and your child may be S.O.L.