I slipped and fell on some ice on a sidewalk in front of a Montclair retail store. Who is responsible, the city or store owner?

Montclair slip and fall lawyers can help determine responsibility in your premises liability claim. One thing to which Colorado residents are no stranger is snow and ice and the dangers that each may present. So what happens if you were seriously injured after slipping on an icy sidewalk outside of a store? In such a case, either the store owner or city potentially could be held liable. Of course, you may be considered at fault as well in some cases.

Generally, it is the city that is responsible for the conditions of a sidewalk. If the sidewalk is not properly maintained, this may be used in a slip and fall claim resulting from poor conditions. At the same time, if the store owner was responsible for creating the hazard, such as throwing water on the sidewalk in freezing conditions, the owner may be considered liable.

Things get tricky if the store owner did not cause the defect but was aware and did not rectify it. In such cases, you may be best served by speaking with an attorney and sharing the circumstances of the fall.

Regarding the icy conditions presented in the question, if the conditions were apparent but you failed to exercise reasonable care, you may be considered at fault for the incident at least in part. Again, such issues can be complex. An attorney can help sort out the liability of the store or city, as well as if you should have exercised greater caution in the icy conditions.

Consulting Montclair Slip and Fall Lawyers

Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents are not uncommon. But not all warrant the pursuit of a premises liability claim, which is why it’s important to talk with D.J. Banovitz as soon as possible.

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