How to Report a Bicycle Accident in Arvada

A bicycle accident in Arvada can be a traumatic experience. You are likely injured and confused, and your bicycle is probably wrecked. The first thing that you must do after a bicycle accident is get medical help for your injuries. After receiving treatment for your injuries, report the bicycle accident to the police.

How do I report a bicycle accident to the police?

If you or another person called the police at the scene and they arrived to fill out a report, you likely do not have to take any additional steps. Still, ask the responding officer if you must fill out any reports at the scene or later online or at a police station.

Colorado operates an Online Accident Report system where you may report minor accident report. The Arvada Police Department previously accepted over-the-counter accident reports, but now refers those involved in minor accidents to the Online Accident Report system.

In order to file an online accident report, the accident must:

  • have not involved fatality or injury requiring on-scene medical care;
  • not be a hit and run;
  • not involve damage to public property;
  • not involve drivers who were under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and
  • not involve drivers driving without insurance or a valid license.

Those who do not meet the above criteria should contact the local police for more information about how to file their report.

Why do I have to file a bicycle accident report?

Your official traffic accident report may ultimately help you file a claim for damages with an at-fault driver’s insurance company. Additionally, if the police arrive at the scene, they may conduct an investigation into the circumstances of the crash, which can help you prove liability when filing your claim.

Failing to report the accident could seriously impact your ability to recover the compensation that you require. A typical bicycle accident can result in serious injuries.

Even a moderate-impact bicycle accident can result in:

  • road rash;
  • lacerations;
  • fractures;
  • dislocations; and
  • other injuries that may not be life-threatening, but can have serious repercussions for your health, your ability to return to work quickly, and more.

The official traffic accident report will contain information about the accident, your injuries and other details that may help you recover compensation for those injuries.

Don’t forget to exchange contact information with the motorist involved in the accident. If there are witnesses at the scene of the accident, take down the contact information of the witnesses. These are important steps that can help lay down a solid foundation for your claim.

Do I need to report a bicycle accident even for a hit and run?

Report a bicycle accident even if you were involved in a bike accident with a hit and run motorist. In fact, in these cases it is vital that you report the accident so that law enforcement can get track down the hit and run driver. A motorist may be more likely to flee the scene of the accident if he’s at fault in the accident.

Report any information about the hit and run like:

  • vehicle make;
  • model;
  • color;
  • number of doors;
  • driver hair color;
  • skin color;
  • clothing; and
  • hats and accessories.

What damages can I recover in a bicycle accident?

In a typical bicycle accident claim, you may recover compensation for damages including:

  • medical expenses;
  • lost wages;
  • disability; and
  • pain and suffering.

Speak to a bicycle accident lawyer about your legal rights to compensation after an accident in Arvada. A claim can help you recover compensation for your losses, and help avoid financial strain after a serious injury. Call 303-300-5060 to set up an appointment with attorney D.J. Banovitz, himself an avid bicyclist, or fill out the online contact form to schedule your consultation.

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