How to Fire and Find a New Personal Injury Lawyer in the Middle of a Case

Finding a personal injury lawyer is an important part of the process of recovering compensation for damages. But firing an attorney, especially if in the middle of a case, can be even more daunting, as the process to find a new Colorado personal injury law firm must be repeated, this time in the middle of a case.

When should someone fire an Aurora, Colorado injury attorney?

It may or may not reflect on the performance of the Colorado personal injury law firm when it appears that things are not going well or it may not turn out the way expected.

If the case isn’t strong or there isn’t enough evidence to support claims of the other party’s negligence, then hiring a new attorney may not make a difference. But if the work being done by current Aurora, Colorado injury attorney is shoddy or unprofessional, then it might be in the client’s best interest to find a personal injury lawyer who can take over the case.

When there are disagreements with the attorney that can’t be resolved, there isn’t much dedication shown toward the case or little compassion for what a client has been going through, these may be valid reasons to cease the relationship with a Colorado personal injury law firm.

Of course, it may help to first explain these concerns with the attorney who may then address them. If nothing changes, then it might be time to move on.

Steps in Firing an Attorney

The first step is to carefully review the contract signed with the Aurora, Colorado injury attorney. There may be special requirements for ceasing services. For instance, a written notification of the termination may be necessary. Or there could be stipulations concerning the attorney’s right to a percentage of any winnings in the case.

The second step is to find a personal injury lawyer to take over, preferably before terminating services with the current one. It’s also important to hire someone who has familiarity with the specific type of personal injury case. D.J. Banovitz, for example, has handled claims involving automobile accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, premises liability, child injury, wrongful death, and more.

Make sure attorneys from the new Colorado personal injury law firm look over the contract signed with previous counsel. A new lawyer can make sure that contractual obligations are met.

By having legal representation ready, once services are terminated with the old attorney, files and documentation can be easily transferred. The client should discuss with the new Aurora, Colorado injury attorney who will obtain them.

If there were fees paid in advance for work that wasn’t done, the client may be able to obtain a refund. It’s also critical to get an itemized list of pending legal costs. This way it’s clear what monies may still be owed to the previous Colorado personal injury law firm. Keep in mind that if a client still owes for services already provided, if not paid, it could cause a delay in receiving the files.

The court should be notified of the change in legal counsel, which can usually be done through the new Aurora, Colorado injury attorney. Although it can be a stressful experience, by hiring the right attorney, the case may ultimately benefit. Those wishing to find a personal injury lawyer to handle their case or take over an existing case can call D.J. Banovitz at 303-300-5060 to set up a consultation.

D.J. Banovitz’ career has always concentrated on trial practice and he has litigated hundreds of cases. His passion and sole career focus has been to seek justice for people suffering from personal injuries as the result of someone else’s negligence. The hallmark of the Law Office of D.J. Banovitz, is the total commitment to professionalism, quality, and personalized care of your injury case. D.J. has dedicated his professional life to helping those most in need and is a proud and active member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association. His experience includes volunteering for Colorado Rural Legal Services in Montrose, the Colorado Aids Project, consumer law, family law, criminal defense, and Alternative Defense Counsel for juveniles in Denver.