How do I check my car accident claim status?

Checking car accident claim status typically requires contacting the insurance company handling the claim. Depending on who caused the crash, you might file with the other driver’s insurer or your own. But if you hired a law firm to help you handle the claim and recover compensation, you may check with the attorney to get an idea of your claim’s status.

Checking the Status of an Auto Insurance Claim

After an accident you must contact your insurance company, no matter who caused it. If the other driver was at fault and you’ll be filing a third-party liability claim with the other driver’s insurer, still let your own insurer know. Your insurance company may even require notice when you’re in an accident.

When filing your claim with either insurer, you will receive a claim number, which makes it easier to check the status. Most insurance companies have online access for checking claims. Otherwise you can call the claims adjuster working on the claim and ask about the status.

Many times it’s a waiting game. How long the process takes depends on several factors. For instance, the insurer may dispute the severity of your injuries. Sometimes paperwork gets lost or it appears they’re just taking their time. It’s important to remain calm when things appear at a standstill. If it’s unwarranted, you might consider talking with an attorney about whether you have a bad faith claim against the insurer.

Checking the Status of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Sometimes an attorney handles the case and may file a lawsuit. The reasons for hiring an attorney and/or filing a lawsuit vary. It could be that the injuries were disabling or life-threatening. There might be a dispute concerning fault. You can check the status of your claim with your attorney, and you can also inquire about the status of a lawsuit with the firm handling it.

Depending on how complicated the case is, it may take months or years to reach a resolution. At any time you should feel free to check the progress by contacting the attorney handling it. A good attorney will make sure you’re kept apprised of the status and when contacted, will answer your questions.

Importance of Knowing Where Your Case Stands

If you’re facing substantial medical costs and missed time from work, it’s important to know the claim status. You may need to make some decisions on how you’re going to handle the expenses incurred. It also helps to have some idea on what you can expect with regard to a settlement, such as if you’re getting close or not.

Whether you’ve filed a claim with the insurance company or an attorney is handling the case, you have the right to check its status. In the event the insurer is acting in bad faith or isn’t willing to negotiate a fair amount, you may need to pursue other legal options. Call D.J. Banovitz if you’re in the Denver area and need help with an initial claim or lawsuit, or would like to discuss a bad faith claim. Call us at 303-300-5060 or contact us online.