How Catastrophic Injuries Can Lead to Emotional and Traumatic Stress

In addition to the physical toll, catastrophic injuries can cause traumatic stress for many victims of serious accidents. Further, in some cases the accident may cause emotional stress to family members like the victim’s spouse, children, and other family members.

In addition to compensation for bills related to physical treatment, lost wages, and other financial losses, an injury attorney in Denver, Colorado can help victims explore recovery of emotional damages or treatment of traumatic stress.

Traumatic Stress for the Victim

First and foremost, the victims themselves may experience serious emotional distress simply because of the shock of the injury and accident. Sudden and unexpected, many victims often find themselves unprepared and unable to cope with the difficult and changing situation around them.

Additionally, victims often experience emotional stress because of the permanent effects that some catastrophic injuries can have on their lives. Whether it’s severe scarring that will be visible for the rest of their life or a debilitating condition that renders them unable to walk, victims often have to deal with the consequences of the injury today, tomorrow and for many years to come. This can be a depressing realization.

Significant Others and Spouses

After a victim has suffered a catastrophic injury, one of the parties most affected is his or her significant other. Many times, spouses will feel emotional stress out of anger that another person caused their loved one harm. If children are involved, they also may be angry that their child’s mother or father has been seriously hurt and/or incapacitated.

In many cases, significant others will experience traumatic stress related to sadness and grief. When a catastrophic injury occurs, especially one that has caused a long-term condition or disability, life may be forever changed – both for the victim and their loved ones. This can cause immense traumatic stress.

Parents and Siblings

The parents, siblings and other close relatives of catastrophic injury victims may also find themselves emotionally stressed as a result of the serious accident.

This may be similar to the distress experienced by the victim’s spouse or significant other, and can be related to fear of losing their loved one, or the shock and anxiety of dealing with the situation in general. Some family members find themselves feeling helpless, unable to help better their family member and thus feeling guilty for it.

An Injury Attorney in Denver, Colorado Can Review Case Specifics

Victims of catastrophic injuries and their families may consider filing a legal claim against the at-fault party. An injury attorney in Denver, Colorado can provide legal guidance to victims and/or their families who wish to pursue a claim for compensation following a serious, catastrophic accident.

These claims not only help seek justice for compensation to cover medical bills, lost income and more, but can also seek compensation for damages related to pain and suffering related to the traumatic stress the victim has experienced.

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