How can I get a copy of the police report after a car accident in Colorado?

If you’ve been in a car accident in Arvada, the police will fill out a car accident report at the scene of the accident and then officially file it with the state. The officer will usually provide you with a copy of the report immediately after it’s completed. However, if you didn’t obtain one or if you’ve misplaced it you can get the police report from the Colorado DMV.

How to Get a Copy of the Police Report

Any time after the accident, you can request a copy of the report with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles. You can also check with the Jefferson or Adams County police departments and ask them how to obtain a copy of the report. Alternatively, you can request a copy from the state. They keep accident records for seven years.

To obtain a copy of your report, you’ll need to send the following information to the DMV:

  • your name;
  • date of birth;
  • signature;
  • date of accident;
  • your mailing address;
  • driver’s license number;
  • location of the accident; and
  • a payment of $2.20.

Why do you need a copy of the police report?

Colorado requires that all accidents be reported immediately. When the police come out to the accident and collect pertinent information from all involved parties, their report satisfies your legal requirement to report the accident. You may also file the report online if there were no serious injuries or fatalities.

The primary reason to keep a copy of the car accident report is for legal reasons. Accident claims can get ugly and complicated, and could wind up in court. You never know how the other party will react in the days ahead. They could claim you were at fault or misrepresent the truth about the accident or injuries.

Police reports are an excellent piece of evidence. They are created by an unbiased third party and are one of the chief ways to demonstrate fault in a car accident claim.

Important Information Contained in the Report

If you’ve been in a car accident and are planning on filing a claim for compensation, there are several key pieces of information contained within the report that will be used to prove your case.

Some of the information within the report includes:

  • basic information (names, dates of birth, day/time/location of accident);
  • any tickets that were issued, as well as any upcoming court dates;
  • witness names and contact numbers;
  • the other driver’s insurance information; and
  • the police’s narrative description of how the accident occurred.

The information will be the basis for putting together a strong claim. It will help your attorney with the task of painting a clear picture of who was at fault in the accident, and why you should be eligible for compensation for damages.

An Accident Attorney Can Help Collect Evidence

In addition to your police report, there are other key pieces of information that could be useful to your case, and an attorney can help you obtain them. For questions regarding an accident claim, contact personal injury attorney D.J. Banovitz. We can explain what pieces of information you’ll need to pursue your claim, and how to go about getting a fair settlement award. Call us at (303) 300-5060 to set up a consultation.

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