Hotel Accident & Premises Liability: Pool, Spa and Fitness Center Injuries

Injuries sustained on someone else’s property such as a hotel accident could lead to issues regarding the property owner’s liability, and may ultimately allow recovery of compensation through a premises liability claim. Patrons have the right to expect that all accessible areas are safe and properly maintained.

If this doesn’t happen and it’s found that the hotel was negligent, it could be liable. Talking with an Arvada personal injury attorney can help an injured victim learn if he or she has a legitimate case.

Pool Injuries That May Result from a Hotel Accident

Many hotel patrons take advantage of the amenities offered, such as a pool or spa. Yet the very thing that is meant to be relaxing or enjoyable can turn life-threatening or dangerous when negligence is involved.

One of the potential dangers is entrapment by a faulty or broken drain. This can occur when clothing, hair or a body part is suctioned into it. Not only can this cause physical injury to a finger, arm or leg, it could also hold a person underwater, depriving him or her of oxygen. This could result in brain damage or even death.

Another issue could be a drowning caused by a lack of lifesaving equipment. Not only could this apply to not having a rope, ring or flotation device, but if there isn’t access to a telephone to call for emergency services (delaying medical care), this may be considered negligence.

Lifeguards are another issue that could contribute to an injury. If there aren’t enough on staff, there is a lack of training/experience, the lifeguards do not properly supervise, or there are no warnings regarding the lack of a lifeguard on duty, this may be considered negligence if a patron is seriously or fatally injured.

Broken equipment, such as broken diving board or incorrect water depth markings are other potential dangers that could cause injuries. For instance, someone might dive into an area of water that is shallower than the markings indicate. This could result in the person striking his or her head or other body part.

Fitness Center Injuries That May Result from a Hotel Accident

Another amenity that hotel patrons may take advantage of is the fitness center. However, this is another area where negligence could cause a hotel accident that results in serious injuries.

Skin infections acquired from unsanitary conditions is one type of injury. Sanitizing equipment is critical when being used by a variety of people. Failing to do so could lead to the hotel property owner’s liability.

An improper layout of the equipment could result in injuries, too. Properly spacing the equipment apart makes it safer when walking in between or using the machines. This is especially important with certain equipment, such as treadmills, which can cause burn injuries or fractures if someone falls.

Failing to inspect and maintain the equipment poses a risk to hotel patrons. Injuries can be especially devastating when using heavy weights that are broken or that malfunction.

Talk to a Arvada Personal Injury Attorney if Injured at a Hotel

There are many other types of injuries that can occur in a hotel. The main factor will be establishing that the accident and resulting injury was caused by negligence on behalf of the hotel or its staff.

To discuss whether a case is worth pursuing, consult with Arvada personal injury attorney D. J. Banovitz. He can help injured victims file a premises liability claim to hold the property owner liable for a hotel accident. Call 303-300-5060.

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