Hearing Loss from Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries in an accident may affect the spinal cord or brain. The effects are oftentimes life-altering and could be permanent. But these injuries can also be accompanied by secondary injuries, such as when an individual sustains hearing loss and other hearing-related problems from head trauma in the accident.

Hearing Loss Associated with a Head Injury

Head injuries in an accident can be deceiving. Even what appears to be a minor bump on the head can turn out to be much more serious, which is why it is so important to seek a medical evaluation shortly after the accident if it’s not required at the scene. Whether it’s a concussion or a severe traumatic brain injury, one of the complications that could accompany the injury is hearing loss.

Skull fractures, especially one involving the temporal bone, can cause hearing loss. Hearing is generally restored in these cases, although sometimes not for a few months after the accident. But there is also the risk of permanent hearing loss from these injuries.

A blow or cut to the ear or ear canal can cause infection or bleeding, both potential causes of hearing loss. If the bones in the middle ear are dislocated, this can interrupt sound going to the inner ear. Or if forceful impact to the head ruptures the eardrum, this can also affect hearing.

These types of injuries will sometimes heal with time. But surgery may be necessary in order to repair the damage. Even then, it doesn’t guarantee hearing will be restored. If the injuries are severe there is a risk that hearing loss could be permanent.

Other Types of Hearing Problems Associated with a Head Injury

Hearing loss isn’t the only hearing-related complication of a head injury. Another problem connected to these injuries is tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears. It can occur even with a mild traumatic brain injury like a concussion.

Those who suffer a head injury could also hear other noises such as swishing, clicking, or buzzing. The pitch can be low or high. But in either circumstance it can be very troubling to endure and makes concentration difficult. When it’s persistent, with a high pitch, it could significantly interfere with an individual’s life.

Another hearing problem associated with a head injury is hyperacusis, sensitivity to noise. With this condition, it’s as if the volume in normal everyday sounds is amplified. It’s especially noticeable with high-pitched sounds, such as alarms. Some people they actually develop phonophobia, a fear of noise. Like other cases of hearing problems, it can interfere with an individual’s daily life.

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