Hazards of Electric Powered Bicycles

Electric powered bicycles, which are very popular in Europe and China, aren’t legal in all parts of the United States. For instance in New York, although commonly used by restaurants in delivering food, they are against the law.

In Colorado, riders of electric bikes share the same rules of the road as any other kind of bicycle. However, users should be aware of some of the hazards. If an electrical bicycle accident occurs, riders can go over their right to pursue compensation with an Arvada, Colorado bicycle accident lawyer.

An Overview of Hazards Associated with Electric Powered Bicycles

Speed may be one of the appealing features of an electric bike, but it also presents a potential safety hazard. They generally aren’t designed to travel more than 20 mph. However, even going 10 mph is fairly fast for a bicycle.

If a rider loses control at a higher rate of speed, it could lead to an electrical bicycle accident. Since these types of bikes sometimes share the same paths as a traditional bike, it could put others at risk, too, including nearby pedestrians.

If used in dense traffic, the dangers may be even greater. It can be difficult enough to maneuver a regular bicycle around heavy traffic but with the higher speed of an electric one, it could result in an electrical bicycle accident.

It requires skill to ride an electric powered bicycle. The way in which it’s handled could make it dangerous, too. For instance, if this kind of bike is at a dead stop and too much throttle is applied at once, it could cause a crash.

Since many of the components in this type of bike are electrical, it could be dangerous to ride in wet weather conditions. It would be critical to make sure the system installed on the bike is water resistant.

Laws in Colorado Regarding Electric Bicycles

Most of the rules and laws that a typical bicyclist must obey apply to those riding an electric bicycle, too. An Arvada, Colorado bicycle accident lawyer can review these laws and compliance with them after an accident. When it comes to using these on bicycle or pedestrian paths, riders are prohibited from using the electrical motor.

Additionally, the same rules that apply to the regular bikes themselves apply to electric ones as well. This means they must come equipped with reflectors, identification numbers, a front light, and appropriate brakes.

Some riders may be concerned about licensure laws when using an electric bicycle. There are license requirements for low-power scooters in the state of Colorado, but this does not apply to electric powered bicycles. But it’s important to note that local municipalities may have their own rules concerning the use of these bikes.

If I’m in an electrical bicycle accident in Arvada, Colorado, how can a bicycle accident lawyer help?

An Arvada, Colorado bicycle accident lawyer can evaluate the details of an electrical bicycle accident to look at who may be at fault. Cyclists must follow the rules of the road and ensure compliance with other applicable laws, so evidence regarding the cause of the accident will be examined.

Adherence to traffic and bicycle laws by both parties – whether two bicyclists or a bicyclist and a motor vehicle or pedestrian – will be considered when determining liability for the accident involving an electric powered bicycle.