Five Common Truck Accident Causes

Uncovering a Denver truck accident’s cause will be important in order to determine liability following the accident. The five common causes listed below are not an exhaustive list, but may constitute the cause of a large portion of the accidents involving large commercial trucks.

Accidents involving large trucks tend to be especially dangerous, just for the sheer size and weight of them. Oftentimes injuries sustained in a truck crash are catastrophic, causing severe or fatal physical harm. Establishing the truck accident cause is an important step for injured motorists wishing to pursue a claim for damages with a Colorado truck accident lawyer.

Negligent Actions of a Motorist

One common truck accident cause is a motorist’s negligence, which may cause a multi-vehicle accident, or may cause another vehicle to get in an accident with a large truck.

Traffic violations are an example of negligent motorist actions:

  • running a red light;
  • failing to yield;
  • not signaling; and
  • speeding.

Unsafe driving behavior is another type of negligence:

  • abrupt lane changes;
  • pulling in front of a truck and driving slowly;
  • cutting off the truck causing it to swerve and hit another vehicle; and
  • driving while intoxicated.

Drivers who are distracted may increase the likelihood of an accident, which can be especially dangerous when a truck is involved:

  • talking to another passenger;
  • talking on the phone;
  • texting;
  • reaching for an object;
  • grooming; and
  • eating are just some examples.

Negligent Actions of a Truck Driver

A second common cause is a truck driver’s negligence. Many of the same traffic violations, unsafe driving behaviors and distractions in which other motorists may engage could be the same issue with a trucker.

However, other forms of negligence may be more common with truckers than with motorists. For instance, if the driver’s training was inadequate or there is a demanding schedule to meet and the truck driver is fatigued, these can increase the chances of a crash.

Sometimes it’s an unfamiliarity with the handling of a truck. Unlike a passenger car that may not need as much distance to stop, it takes a truck much longer. So waiting to brake until last minute could result in a rear-end crash. Or it could be an issue of taking a curve too fast, not recognizing the potential to lose control.

Equipment Problems in the Truck

A third possible truck accident cause is equipment problems, which can stem from manufacturer defects or poor maintenance. Faulty brakes, steering, tires or other critical components to a truck could lead to an accident. This could mean holding a manufacturer liable.

Poor maintenance could include a failure to regularly inspect the truck or to make necessary repairs. Whoever is responsible for maintenance may be included in a claim seeking compensation.

Weather Conditions

A fourth cause is inclement weather, such as rain, ice, fog, strong winds or snow. When visibility and traction are impeded, this is dangerous enough. But if other drivers or the trucker doesn’t slow down or drive with care, it increases the chance of a crash.

Negligent Actions of Trucking Companies

Despite the employer not necessarily being behind the wheel of a semi, another common truck accident cause or contributing factor is the truck company’s negligence. Although it may be indirect, it could still be held liable.

One example is allowing or requiring a trucker to go over the number of hours permitted behind the wheel. Another example is hiring a driver who has not received all of the necessary training.

Legal Help from a Colorado Truck Accident Lawyer When Pursuing a Claim

In some cases, more than one party can be liable in a truck accident, which is why it might be a good idea to consult a Colorado truck accident lawyer. D. J. Banovitz can help injured accident victims in Denver determine the truck accident cause and who may be responsible.

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