Filing an Accident Compensation Claim for Medical Bills After a Truck Accident in Colorado

If you are in an accident, a compensation claim may allow you to recover special damages. These are expenses related to property damage from the accident, lost wages if you are forced to miss work as you recover from the accident, and other expenses stemming from the accident that can be quantified. Medical bills also fall into this category, and may be extensive after a truck accident.

Report your accident to your insurance company, who may help cover your medical bills in the interim while you are negotiating a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Bills for medical expenses can be very high and may include:

  • a hospital stay;
  • surgical costs;
  • diagnostic expenses;
  • medications; and
  • other costs related to treatment and recovery.

In some cases it may be difficult to recover all of the special damages you deserve; a truck accident lawyer in Colorado may be helpful in handling the case.

Why You Need a Lawyer Quickly

Truck accident cases can be lengthy and may be complicated because of the many parties that could hold some liability such as the:

  • driver;
  • trucking company; or
  • a third party.

If you are a victim of a truck accident, make sure you are fully compensated. A truck accident lawyer in Colorado can help you file a claim to recover compensation and can assist throughout the process.

Some trucking companies may have lawyers on call to arrive at an accident scene and investigate the accident. These lawyers may talk with police and witnesses. It takes much longer for a victim to secure a truck accident lawyer in Colorado and review the case. The accident scene has been cleared by then.

That is one reason why attorneys who handle personal injury claims typically work on a contingency fee. An attorney fee is not charged until a recovery is made. The truck accident litigation expenses are typically borne by the law firm and not paid out of the injured persons pocket until money is recovered at the conclusion of the claim.

However, hiring a truck accident lawyer in Colorado who is familiar with the ins and outs of the trucking industry can be beneficial. Many trucks have electronic equipment on board that can record various types of data.

GPS and black boxes contain data that can be used in court as evidence if your lawyer acts quickly to obtain it:

  • speed;
  • braking; and
  • how long the truck driver has been on the road.

Some trucking companies may erase this data after an accident, especially if it is incriminating.

Contacting a Lawyer

If you were involved in a truck accident, make sure you receive the compensation for special damages related to the accident. Contact a truck accident lawyer in Colorado at the Law Office of D.J. Banovitz at (303) 300-5060 and request your free booklet, 7 Costly Mistakes that can Ruin Your Colorado Injury Case. He will help file your accident compensation claim and can assist throughout the claims process.

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