Filing a Premises Liability Complaint Due to Inadequate Security

A premises liability complaint can be filed for a variety of reasons. Although slips and falls and maintenance issues account for many injuries, inadequate security is another possible issue. This occurs when a complaint is filed against a property owner or business owner for failing to provide proper security for guests and patrons. If you believe you were a victim, contact an injury attorney in Colorado to determine your next steps.

Types of Inadequate Security

When filing a premises liability complaint, poor security can mean many things. Because fights may occur at bars, clubs, casinos and other places where alcohol is served, bouncers or security guards should be on hand to keep patrons safe from violence. However, places such as a local furniture store or small mom-and-pop store generally would not be expected to hire security guards. An injury attorney can help determine if the establishment warranted more security.

In addition, not informing guests of recent crime activity in the area can be a form of poor or improper security in some cases. Such was the case with a woman from Texas who was raped in her apartment complex. Apartment officials failed to notify tenants of a break-in just weeks prior to her assault. The woman was unaware of this fact and had just renewed her lease before the attack. According to the Houston Chronicle, the woman filed a premises liability complaint and sued for deceptive practices and negligence. She was awarded $20 million. She suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the attack.

What factors determine inadequate security?

When determining poor security, an attorney will look at several elements. One important element is the type of property or business. Apartment complexes and parking garages are often dark and desolate at night, which may leave opportunities for assault. Therefore, added security measures should be taken. On the other hand, a small grocery store would not likely need to beef up on security.

In addition, an injury attorney in Colorado will look at the crime statistics in the area. A high-traffic area may see more crime and therefore have a need for added security measures. This is especially true if crimes were recently committed in the area.

What must be proven?

When filing a premises liability complaint, it must be proven that the property owner was negligent in providing safety to guests. This can be accomplished by showing that, for example, defective window or door locks made it possible for the suspect to enter an apartment and commit an assault. In some cases, lighting may be inadequate to provide optimal safety. In some cases, you may focus on a specific employee and his or her negligence and lack of training.

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