Investigators Still Searching for Answers in Fort Lupton Fatal Bicycle Accident

Investigators Still Searching for Answers in Fort Lupton Fatal Bicycle Accident

Investigators Still Searching for Answers in Fort Lupton Fatal Bicycle Accident

A 59-year-old man is now dead as result of a horrific bicycle accident that occurred in Fort Lupton just a few weeks ago. According to investigators with the Weld County Police Department (WCPD), this deadly bicycle accident occurred at around 7:30 am on Friday, May 20th, just west of Highway 85 on Weld County Road 18.

Evidence at the scene suggested that the accident happened when the bicyclist drifted into lanes of oncoming traffic – putting him right in front of a semi-truck.

The impact of the collision resulted in fatal injuries, with the bicyclist being pronounced dead at the accident scene.

While investigators have withheld the name of the truck driver (due to the pending nature of this investigation), they have also not released any follow-up information regarding why the bicyclist may have veered into oncoming traffic and whether there were any additional factors contributing to this deadly crash.

What Could Have Caused this Deadly Bicycle Accident?

Accidents like this deadly bike crash can leave more questions than answers, as it can be difficult to determine just what caused the rider to veer into oncoming traffic. Some possibilities, however, could be that:

  • The bicyclist was trying to avoid some other perceived hazard – like a pothole, an animal or a large rock in his path.
  • The rider lost control of his bicycle due to faulty equipment or some equipment failure – like a blown tire or brake defects.
  • The bicyclist was distracted and/or impaired and misjudged his course.

Additionally, it may be possible that the truck driver was distracted, impaired and/or careless and, consequently, wasn’t able to take immediate action to avoid the rider who had drifted into his path.

While these possibilities can be harrowing to consider, the loss of life is far more grim and tragic – particularly for the loved ones who are now left to deal with such a profound loss.

After Fatal Bicycle Accidents: The Recovery Options

When traffic accidents have deadly outcomes, that last thing on families’ minds may be pursuing compensation. While no sum of money can ever make up for the untimely loss of a loved one, however, taking action to hold any and all negligent parties responsible for their role in causing fatal crashes can be pivotal to:

  • Securing the financial resources necessary to cover medical bills, funeral expenses and other essential costs
  • Obtaining a sense of justice, which may be crucial to the overall healing and recovery process.

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