Elements of a Claim When Claiming Insurance for a Car Accident in Aurora

If you are wondering how to claim insurance for a car accident in Aurora, you may need to speak with a Colorado car accident lawyer. When the damage is minor and you haven’t been injured, legal counsel may not be necessary. However, if you were injured, then it may be a good idea to discuss your case with a lawyer.

It’s important to keep in mind that you have a limited time in which to file a claim. In the state of Colorado, you have three years to file if you are in an accident and experience personal injury and property damage. Delaying your case could result in running out of time and could impact your ability to be compensated.

How to Claim Insurance for a Car Accident in Aurora

There are important elements in an injury claim stemming from a motor vehicle accident. The first is establishing negligence. Because there could be more than one party liable, you may wish to discuss the specifics of your case with a Colorado car accident lawyer who can review the specifics of the accident.

Your claim will name those responsible. It could be that not only was another driver at fault, but if it was a multi-vehicle accident, then other parties also could be liable. Or if it turns out there was a defect in a car that caused the accident, you also could file a claim against the manufacturer.

Proving negligence requires evidence. This can come in many forms such as photographs, accident reports, eyewitness statements, video footage and other relevant sources. You also will need evidence that supports your claim of injuries. Medical records and bills will need to be assembled when making your claim. If you have been unable to work, documentation pertaining to lost earnings will need to be submitted.

Knowing how to claim insurance for a car accident includes understanding the negotiation phase. Once all of the evidence has been collected, your Colorado auto accident lawyer will make a demand to the insurance company regarding a settlement.

More than likely, the insurance company will deny it. The insurance company may try to come back with a counter offer. Negotiations may continue or stall, in which case, it could end up going to court.

An important element to your claim is to know how much it is worth. An attorney will consider the financial, emotional and physical losses suffered and make a determination as to how much you should seek in compensation when filing your claim.

Contacting a Colorado Car Accident Lawyer

To help you prepare, you may first order our FREE injury guide. Then contact D.J. Banovitz at 1-303-300-5060. He can explain how to claim insurance for a car accident in Aurora and what steps you can expect to take throughout the process.

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