Do you handle trucking accident cases?

Yes. The number of truck accidents involving serious injury and death is shocking. There are simply too many truckers who drive too fast for conditions, don’t keep a proper lookout for traffic and traffic signals, have improperly secured loads, too little sleep, unsafe rigs, and poor training on Colorado roads and highways. The frequency of rear end collisions on I-25 and I-70 is just too high. The forces involved when a loaded semi hits a car are huge and grievous injuries may result. These cases share many of the same issues as ‘ordinary’ car accidents. However, they often present many additional issues for a knowledgeable lawyer. Most trucks have black boxes similar to what is found on airplanes that can help reconstruct how an accident occurred. Your lawyer should request that this evidence be preserved right away. In addition, trucking accidents typically involve liability for the truck driver’s company. This liability for the conduct of the trucking company’s employee might extend to include negligent entrustment, negligent hiring, negligent training and supervision, and negligent maintenance. If the driver and the trucking company have a dismal driving record or safety record, a claim for punitive damages might arise. Punitive damages are exemplary dollar damages that punish the wrongdoer for egregious, reckless, and willful and wanton behavior. It is becoming far too common for trucking companies to hire illegal aliens whose real background and driving record is unknown, understanding of our traffic laws is questionable, and training nonexistent. A good trial lawyer will recognize these issues and conduct a thorough investigation so that the value of your case is maximized.

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