Do you handle motorcycle accidents?

Yes. The good news is the number of people killed and injured in auto accidents is in decline. The bad news is motorcycle accident fatalities and injuries are on the rise. According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administrations data, the number of deaths increased for the tenth year in a row totaling 5154 in 2007. Although motorcyclists account for a small number of vehicles on the roads, they represent 12.6% of fatalities. The number of motorcycle riders injured is up a whopping 17%. There are many reasons that might account for the increase. When a car hits a motorcycle rider by taking the right of way when making a left turn in front of the rider, or pulling out from a side street, or changing lanes without making sure the lane is clear, or rear ending them, statistics don’t matter. The harm done to the motorcyclist and his loved ones are all that matters. Brain injuries, broken bones, and torn ligaments are common. Scarring, permanent impairment or disability, a life sentence of pain, suffering and an inability to provide and care for you and your family are devastating results. Getting fair compensation for the injuries and all the things that have been taken away is critical. DJ Banovitz knows your rights and the laws that protect motorcyclists and has the know-how to win your case.

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