Do you handle bicycling accidents?

Yes. DJ Banovitz is a lifelong cyclist and understands the issues that confront a cyclist injured by a careless driver. DJ understands the cyclist’s point of view not only from the liability standpoint but how the injury affects the victim. A serious injury can keep a cyclist from riding for a long period of time destroying your investment in training time and your bike. The effect of your injuries and time off your bike can cause serious depression. Injuries frequently include brain injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments and scarring and disfigurement. Juries are often unfair to victims who were hurt while legally riding on the road. Whether you are simply a casual rider, commuter, or racer, a Colorado bicycling accident lawyer that understands this bias and clearly and effectively communicates the cyclist’s perspective to the jury is essential. The difference between merely being able to ride again and being able to complete a sub-six hour century is huge. Your lawyer should be someone who understands.

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