Do I have to go to court to pursue a bad faith claim in Greenwood Village?

You don’t necessarily have to go to court to pursue a bad faith claim in Greenwood Village. Lawyer, D.J. Banovitz can work with you and the insurance company to reach a fair settlement.

Luckily, avoiding court is usually advantageous to both sides. It eliminates usually slow court process and the costs associated with going to trial.

You may especially avoid going to court if you have adequate evidence that supports your claims. This is where an attorney can help.

If you have exhausted all other efforts to resolve things with the insurance company, then your only option may be to secure legal representation. Your insurance company may use a variety of tactics to delay, diminish or deny payment that you have the right to.

No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your bad faith claim, don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you. When you have been treated unfairly, you have the right to pursue legal action.

Consulting with a Greenwood Village Bad Faith Lawyer

It can sound like a daunting task to go against the insurance company. While it is true they may have sneaky, deceptive practices and will hire their own aggressive attorneys, you can protect your rights by hiring a qualified, experienced lawyer.

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