Different Types of Burns & Degrees of Burn Injuries for Denver Victims

Many people have suffered different types of burns, many of which are minor from sunburns or briefly touching hot objects. Many people who suffer burns in Denver may experience severe injury and resulting damages.

There are different degrees of burn injuries ranging from first to third degree, with third degree being the most severe. The severity of the injuries will depend on the number of layers of skin affected.

Different Types of Burns

Five different types of burn injuries include:

  • Chemical – Chemical burns may be caused by acids or bases, most commonly, household chemicals, such as bleach, cleansers and poisons. In the workplace, they can be caused by chemicals associated with manufacturing, construction, or other industries.
  • Electrical – Electrical burns are the result of electricity. They may be caused by household appliances and electronics or may be work-related such as in the construction or repair industry. The electrical shock can cause the person to suffer a jolt and fall down or suffer from cardiac arrest. The differing degree of burn injuries depends on the level of electricity passing through the body as well as where it passes.
  • Radiation – Radiation burns are caused by direct contact with energy sources such as X-rays and nuclear imaging. Exposure to the sun’s rays may also cause radiation burns. Prolonged exposure to these types of energy can cause damage to cells in the body, including DNA.
  • Scalding – Among children, scalds are often caused by hot tap water. According to Safe Kids USA, children who are 1-year-old are most prone to becoming scalded. Among children under 5 years of age, scalds are responsible for 90 percent of burns.
  • Thermal – Thermal burns are those caused by heat. Some may get a thermal burn by touching a hot object around the house, like sleeping with a heated blanket, or at work, where metal or wiring may become hot unbeknownst to the victim. Others may be burned by exposure to flames.

Different Degrees of Burn Injuries Create Surprisingly Different Outcomes

There are three different degrees of burn injuries:

  • first (superficial);
  • second (partial); and
  • third degree (full).

Burns that affect only the epidermis are considered superficial. Partial burns affect the epidermis and dermis. Full burns affect both layers of skin and cause permanent damage to the tissues. Sometimes, muscle or other structures are damaged, too.

Contacting a Lawyer

Different degrees of burns may require different types of treatment and different associated costs. If you were burned due to somebody’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. The Law Office of D.J. Banovitz in Denver has helped victims of negligence recover compensation to cover damages like medical bills, lost wages, and more. Contact his office today at (303) 300-5060 to review which of the different types of burns has caused you injury and damages. You can also check out our free booklet, 7 Costly Mistakes that can Ruin Your Colorado Injury Case.

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