Denver personal injury lawyer answers: ‘What is the statute of limitations for a bad faith claim in Colorado?’

If you plan to file a bad faith claim, you will have a limited time in which to do so. Since laws can change, it would be in your best interest to consult with a Denver personal injury lawyer.

A bad faith claim may be filed if you believe that the insurance company has acted in an unfair manner with regard to your case. This could include purposefully delaying payment or wrongfully denying your claim.

Most civil claims have a three year statute of limitations. That may not be enough time when you are seeking compensation for an accident.

You will already have a time limit in which to first file a claim pertaining to your accident. This can be a lengthy process.

Then you may be waiting for the insurance company to honor your policy or to provide payment under another driver’s coverage when they were at fault. As time continues to pass, you could be running up against the clock.

If the insurance company is taking their time or otherwise acting in a manner in which your claim is not being treated in good faith, it would be wise to talk with a lawyer. They can help determine if you would benefit in filing a bad faith claim.

Consulting with a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

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