Denver Injury Lawyer Warns: A Defective Product Can Cause Injury

Denver injury lawyer, D.J. Banovitz knows that as a parent, you do everything you can to protect your child. One of the ways you do this is by securing them in an age-appropriate car seat when you’re out on the road. Yet despite your best intentions, he or she can still sustain serious injuries in a car accident.

While most people may not question the safety and effectiveness of their child’s car seat, we do. Through expert investigation and accident recreation, our lawyers have discovered that a child’s injury was actually the result of a defective product – his or her car seat.

If you believe this to be the case in a particular situation, you should seek legal counsel right away.

Liability Stemming from a Defective Car Seat

One of the parties most often held liable for a defective car seat is the manufacturer. It can be difficult to imagine that a product designed to protect children could harm them, but it does happen.

While many of these car seats are recalled, not every consumer is made aware of it. Or, the recall may happen long after a child has already been injured.

Not only can a manufacturer be held liable, but also any party involved in the making, distributing, or supplying of the product could be responsible as well. This includes retailers who put a recalled product on their shelves.

There are a variety of reasons a car seat may be defective, including:

  • clasps that fail to work;
  • faulty restraints;
  • a seat that unexpectedly separates from base; and
  • a child is able to easily unbuckle from the seat.

If buyers are not warned of safety risks, if there is a failure to inspect or test the car seat before being placed on the market, or if the design is flawed, compensation may be available for any resulting injuries.

Consulting with a Denver Injury Lawyer

If your child has suffered serious or fatal injuries as a result of a defective car seat, you may have the right to pursue legal action. Compensation could be available which addresses their medical care and treatment, along with other consequences suffered as a result of sustained injuries.

If you would like to learn about the ways you can protect your claim stemming from a defective product injury, download a copy of our free book, “ 7 Costly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Colorado Injury Case.”

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