Dealing with the Insurance Company

A Jefferson County Injury Attorney Can Help You File a Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve filed a personal injury claim, you may find yourself having to deal with the insurance company. Be careful though, how you deal with the insurance company can affect your claim.

By speaking immediately with a Jefferson County injury attorney, you can learn what you should and shouldn’t do. In some cases, they may even do all the talking for you, so you can avoid dealing with the insurance company.

Personal Injury Claims with the Insurance Company

The insurance company’s goal is to settle your claim for as little as possible, as quickly as possible. If they can avoid paying what you deserve or getting you to settle before you realize the full extent of your damages, they will have done their part.

How to Protect Yourself

Therefore, from the beginning, you will need to make sure your claim is strong. One of the ways you can do this is by making sure you have adequate evidence. Any documentation pertaining to your accident and injuries will be important to your personal injury claim.

While you want to get what you deserve, it’s never a good idea to exaggerate or lie to the insurance company. This will backfire on you. Your claim could end up denied or diminished.

During the process, you may find that the insurance company wants you to provide a statement concerning what happened. They may ask to record it or write it down and have you sign off on it. Never agree to provide a statement, as what you say could end up hurting your case . When you are dealing with the insurance company, it is a good idea to keep track of your conversations in a notebook or journal. Write down the date and time you talked to them, whom you talked with and what you talked about during the phone call. This is especially important as you may end up talking to several people, and you will want to keep the facts straight. It can also help support your claim.

Consult with a Jefferson County Injury Attorney

The insurance company isn’t looking out for your best interests, which is why you need to consult a Jefferson County injury attorney about your case. One of our injury lawyers at D.J. Banovitz, L.L.C. can help you learn more about your legal rights. We serve residents in the greater Denver-Aurora Metro area, along with other locations throughout Colorado.

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