Damages Available after a Disfiguring Car Accident Injury in Aurora

Damages Available after a Disfiguring Car Accident Injury

Although most injuries suffered in a car accident eventually heal, some remain permanent. When someone suffers disfiguring car accident injuries because of another person’s negligence, there may be compensation available to address resultant damages. Talking with an attorney can help victims learn what would be a fair amount to seek for facial disfigurement, scarring, or other injuries.

Types of Disfiguring Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

Injuries that alter one’s appearance, such as facial disfigurement, can be especially traumatic. Severe damage to the teeth, jaws, nose and mouth can change one’s facial structure. It can happen as a result of deep lacerations or fractures. The loss of an eye is another type of disfiguring injury. Significant trauma to the face can damage nerves, too.

Another type of disfiguring injury is an amputation. An arm or leg, for instance, may be partially or completely severed when it becomes trapped or pinned. Other injuries may be so severe that they require surgical amputation. Sometimes the person may receive a prosthesis.

Victims might suffer burn injuries if the car accident resulted in a fire. Third-degree burns can lead to permanent scarring. Even with skin grafts to replace damaged skin – sometimes followed by cosmetic surgery – the injured area may remain discolored. The effects can be especially devastating when burns or scarring occurs on parts of the body that can’t be hidden, such as the face, neck and arms.

Damages for Disfigurement Recoverable in a Car Accident Claim

Whenever someone suffers serious injuries in a car accident caused by someone else, the victim can seek damages for the medical bills incurred and lost income while healing and recovering. It may also include future expenses, such as when an injury requires several surgeries in the future. Additionally, the claim could address any future lost income.

If the injuries are disabling and it prevents the person from returning to his or her line of work or any type of job, the claim can address those losses as well. But in addition to these damages, compensation may be available to specifically address the issue of disfigurement.

An injury that eventually heals sometimes affects a person long-term. But one that is disfiguring can impact someone for a lifetime from going out in public, to developing relationships, to being in the workforce. It can prevent someone from enjoying not only social activities but performing simple daily tasks in some cases.

For example, for those with facial disfigurements, a simple night out with friends can turn into an overly stressful endeavor when strangers – especially if out in a bar area where people are drinking – pointing out the disfiguring injuries or even being nice but acting overly patronizing. The removal of the simple pleasures in life like a ‘normal’ night out with friends can seriously stilt someone’s emotional growth after an accident.

Additionally, some experience emotional pain. Self-esteem can become an issue for some. Noneconomic damages can address these issues. They may include compensation for mental anguish, pain and suffering, reduced quality of life and more.

Consult D.J. Banovitz about Compensation and Legal Action

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