Crushed Leg Injury in an Aurora Car Accident: Complications & Consequences

Crush injuries occur when a body part is severely compressed, such as when parts of the body are crushed in a car accident.

Crush injuries can do the following

  • damage muscles.
  • restrict blood flow.
  • cause tissue death.
  • have serious, life-threatening repercussions.

Characteristics of a Crushed Leg Injury

In a car accident, when the frame of the vehicle is crumpled, the body can be suddenly crushed by the frame, seat, dashboard, and steering wheel. In some cases, first responders must use the jaws of life to extract crush injury victims from the vehicle. It’s a frightening and painful situation that necessitates quick rescue and immediate treatment.

In car accidents, a crushed leg injury may occur when the leg is trapped and crushed beneath the dash. The pressure from the entrapment can severely and permanently damage the legs.

Below are a few characteristics of and injuries that might accompany crush leg injuries from car accidents.

  • lacerations.
  • fractures.
  • vascular damage.
  • excessive bleeding (both internal and external).
  • pain and/or numbness.
  • bruising.

Potential Complications of a Crushed Leg Injury

While some crush injuries may not appear life threatening, complications can arise that pose serious risks. The risk of infection can be high if there are open wounds. Surgery may be necessary to repair the leg, and surgery itself can cause problems, particularly for elderly victims.

With some car accidents, the damage to the leg is so severe that the limb cannot be saved and requires amputation. This type of life-changing injury might bring long-term complications, not only physical, but psychological.

Furthermore, some crush injuries are so severe that the patient develops rhabdomyolysis. This is a condition that occurs when the muscles are crushed and release particles into the body that get trapped in and impair kidney function. This can be fatal in some cases.

Dealing with the Ramification of a Crushed Leg Injury

Crush injuries to the leg require hospitalization, ongoing treatment, and most likely, physical therapy. The physician will have to keep close watch on the patient to stay alert to any complications.

There are not only physical and emotional damages that occur as a result of serious leg injuries from a car accident, but there are financial implications as well. Victims often can’t return to work for some time, and in some cases might be permanently disabled. Loss of income combined with massive medical bills can create a financial burden for a family.

If you or a loved one recently suffered a crushed leg injury in a car accident, seek counsel from a personal injury attorney to determine if you’re eligible to file a claim for compensation. You might be able to recover damages from the car accident if another party was to blame. Receiving a settlement could help your family stay afloat financially in the aftermath of the accident.

Car Accident Attorney for Crushed Leg Injury Victims in Aurora

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