Cost of Facial Reconstructive Surgery

When someone suffers severe facial trauma in an accident, the cost of facial plastic surgery can be high. But it’s important to understand that it’s not just the financial aspect to consider; there are physical and emotional costs as well.

How much can someone expect to pay for facial plastic surgery?

This depends on if facial reconstructive surgery is necessary and needs to be factored into the cost of facial plastic surgery. The costs likely will be higher for complicated procedures or when there are multiple injuries. Another factor is the severity of those injuries.

There are some general breakdowns that can help distinguish some of the costs that are involved for facial plastic surgery. For instance, you likely will pay for medical tests, such as lab work and X-rays. The costs might include separate fees for the surgeon and anesthesiologist. The hospital or surgical facility that performs the procedure will have its own costs for facial plastic surgery. And there could be expenses for prescription medication.

You also need to consider follow-up care after facial reconstructive surgery. Sometimes subsequent surgeries are necessary. And of course, there is the possibility that the emotional impact of these injuries necessitates psychological care. There are many factors that can determine the costs, so it’s hard to pinpoint an amount. But it’s probably safe to say that you can expect medical bills to be costly.

What types of injuries may require reconstructive surgery after an accident?

Significant facial trauma is an emergency situation. It can include various soft-tissue injuries and fractures. The facial structure is complex, so repairing damage can take time. It’s not just a matter of treating the injuries, but also improving appearance and function.

The following are some facial injuries that could lead to reconstructive surgery:

  • deep lacerations;
  • broken/displaced/knocked-out teeth;
  • fractured eye socket, cheek, jaw or nose; and
  • soft-tissue damage (gums, skin).

Skin injuries sometimes require facial scar revision. The goal is to improve the disfiguring scars by making them less visible.

What types of damages are available when an accident results in severe facial trauma?

The nature of a facial injury often imparts a significant degree of physical and emotional trauma. Even after surgery, the patient may experience swelling that lasts for weeks. In some cases in which swelling blocks the airway, a temporary tracheotomy may be required. The physical suffering often warrants compensation.

The emotional aspect of severe facial trauma sometimes can be worse than the physical effects. It usually starts immediately after the accident, when the person sees the damage done. But it can continue following the reconstructive surgery while healing and even beyond if there is permanent scarring. A claim may address this through damages such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and disfigurement.

There are the medical costs to consider and the loss of earnings while out of work when someone else’s negligence was the cause of the accident. To learn more about the types of damages that could be sought after a serious accident, contact an attorney at D.J. Banovitz personal injury law: 303-300-5060.

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