Communication Policy

Some firms promise or advertise an immediate response to your phone calls 24/7. With those firms are you really communicating with someone who can help you? Would you want to see a surgeon who responded immediately to your call or who could drop everything to operate on you (assuming you didn’t have a life threatening condition) that day? Realistically for a competent, busy doctor it just isn’t possible. The same holds true for a competent busy lawyer.

Our policy: We promise that while I am working on your case and other client’s cases to respond to your phone call, fax or email as soon as possible. We will do our best to respond the same business day. The reason that we do not immediately take all unscheduled phone calls or drop in visits is that we are much more productive and can get your case and others resolved faster. You can always schedule an in-person or phone appointment to discuss your case. Your concerns are NEVER a bother. A scheduled meeting or phone appointment will help eliminate phone tag. We do like to communicate by email whenever possible. However, some matters ought to be discussed so there is no miscommunication. So – if it’s really important or sensitive – don’t email, call.