Common Types of Car Accidents and Injuries and How a Denver Attorney Can Help

Car accidents and injuries occur every day on our roadways.

Even the best drivers cannot always prevent a car accident in Denver from happening . While every car accident may be unique, there are some common categories of accidents that they fall into.

Here, a Denver attorney breaks down the most common types of car accidents and injuries that may result.

Asleep at the Wheel

Sleepy or fatigued drivers are a serious and dangerous hazard to the health and safety of others on the road. Some drivers think they can “push through” feeling drowsy or tired and drive safely.

However, making the decision to drive while in this state leaves them open to liability. Injuries can be sustained when a sleeping driver swerves off of the road or fails to stop, causing a collision. Unfortunately, this type of accident is preventable but still happens regularly.

Drunk Driving

This may be one of the most tragic types of car accidents in Denver. Intoxicated drivers put themselves and others at risk when choosing to drive drunk. Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of fatalities on the roads and can lead to life-long injuries, such as paralysis or brain damage.

Not only can personal injury action be taken against a drunk driver, but criminal charges also can also be pursued.

High-Speed Collision

Speeding is a main contributing factor to most car accidents and injuries . Every day, people break the law by not obeying the speed limit.

Travelling at excessive speeds can decrease drivers’ ability to control the vehicle or react properly to a dangerous traffic situation — all of which can end in a crash. Crashes at a high rate of speed also can increase the severity of injuries for a victim.

Lane-Changing Accident

Lane-changing accidents can occur at anytime and on any roadway but appear to be more prevalent during rush hour and on multi-lane freeways. Common lane-changing behaviors that cause impact are:

  • failure to signal when changing a lane;
  • not using caution when merging onto a highway; and
  • not following painted lane markers.

Rear-End Collisions

While a rear-end collision typically is the least-deadly type of accident, it can still carry serious consequences. The injuries sustained in a rear end collision can be anywhere from whiplash to a concussion. These types of encounters are usually the product of:

  • distracted drivers;
  • adverse weather;
  • unsafe brakes or tires; and
  • failure to follow the speed limit.


This type of car accident in Denver can be seen frequently in SUVs and trucks but can happen in any type of vehicle . Usually the result of a head on-, side- or rear-impact collision, a rollover takes place when a car flips onto its side or onto its roof.


A runoff collision usually only involves 1 vehicle and happens when a driver swerves off the road and crashes into an object or another vehicle. Avoiding a dangerous situation or becoming distracted are the most common causes of a runoff. Many states and cities have installed guard railings on the sides of roadways to prevent these types of crashes from happening or at least to lessen the severity.

Head-On Collision

This may be another one of the most fatal types of accidents that a driver can be involved in . A head-on collision occurs when a vehicle hits another vehicle or object with the direct front of the vehicle. Entering the wrong way on a one-way street is a typical catalyst for a head-on collision, although other acts, like falling asleep at the wheel, may also be responsible.

Contacting a Denver Car Accident Attorney

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