Colorado Truck Accident Attorney Shares Truck Accident Statistics

Judging by national truck accident statistics, commercial truck drivers have a pretty dangerous job. According to the Large Truck Crash Overview, distributed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 3,675 people died in large truck accidents in 2010. Fourteen percent of those fatalities were drivers or occupants of the trucks involved, while the other victims were occupants of the other vehicle, or non-occupants. If you or a loved one were injured in a collision with a truck, consider filing a claim to recover damages. Contact a Colorado truck accident attorney at the Law Offices of D.J. Banovitz to discuss filing an accident claim.

More Truck Accident Statistics

In addition to the thousands of deaths that resulted from truck crashes in 2010, an estimated 80,000 people sustained injuries in collisions with large trucks. While those numbers do sound daunting, they have declined over the last few years. From 2001 to 2010, the number of large trucks in fatal crashes dropped by 28 percent. The number of large trucks involved in non-fatal injury accidents also declined, dropping 18 percent from 2007 to 2010.

Unfortunately, truck accidents don’t just pose serious physical risks to those involved; truck accidents also put extreme financial strain on the victims. Costs for medical treatments, car repairs, lost wages and more can be expensive, putting undue stress on those injured, as well as their families. Because of these expenses, many victims of truck collisions consider filing a claim against the truck driver. If you were in a crash with a truck, contact Colorado truck accident attorney D.J. Banovitz to begin discussing your case.

Filing a Claim

If you suffered an injury because of a truck crash, you’re not alone. According to truck accident statistics, thousands of drivers each year are hurt in collisions with large trucks. You should not have to pay for someone else’s mistakes.

Filing a claim against the at-fault driver could help to recover costs incurred for medical bills and treatments, any income you’ve lost, and for non-economical damages like pain and suffering. If you’ve been hurt by a truck driver, contact Colorado truck accident attorney D.J. Banovitz.

A lawyer can help gather evidence, work with the insurance companies, and prove negligence and fault. An attorney can also ensure the trucking company doesn’t destroy records or interfere with evidence, which is an unfortunate occurrence that may impact your case.

If you’re considering filing a claim for your collision, or would like to learn more about truck accident statistics, call 303-300-5060 to speak to a Colorado truck accident attorney at the Law Office of D.J. Banovitz today. Discover more about filing a successful injury suit by reading our free eBook, 7 Costly Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Colorado Injury Case.

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