SETTLEMENT: $215,000   –   

Robert came to me through referral from another personalinjury attorney. He was involved in a significant collision with a deliverytruck that had run a red light and t-boned his car causing his car to spin andairbags to deploy. Fortunately he sustained minimal physical injuries otherthan minor soreness and a headache. However, as a result he had persistent highpitched ringing in his ears that would not go away. This condition is known astinnitus. In Robert’s case the condition was determined to be permanent. Roberthad only a couple of visits with his primary care doctor and a visit with anaudiologist.

Prior to my involvement, the at-fault driver’s insurance company minimized the harm done and offered only $3500. I thoroughly researched his injury and sought out the preeminent expert in the appropriate field to examine Mr. J. to determine what the nature and extent of the injuries, permanency, impact on quality of life and future medical expenses. Anyone that has been to a loud concert and had ringing in the ears has experienced tinnitus. In Robert’s instance, the high pitched ringing is never going to go away, is present when going to bed and upon waking. Our expert helped with determining the above issues and validated the injury. In this case, the tinnitus more probably than not (the standard in a civil case) resulted from the high decibel sound from the impact and/or the airbag deployment. I worked closely with Robert to determine what we believed was a fair claim amount.  I negotiated a settlement 61x the amount the insurance company initially offered.



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