Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado Hit New High in Summer 2016, CDOT Reports

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado Hit New High in Summer 2016

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado Hit New High in Summer 2016

Motorcyclists commonly hit the roads in greater numbers during the summer season when weather conditions are favorable and riding is an exhilarating way to get around and enjoy the outdoors.

Tragically, however, this summer season has been one of the deadliest for Colorado riders in recent years. That’s because, as officials at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) have recently reported, fatal motorcycle accidents across the state have surged nearly 14 percent during summer 2016 (when compared to summer 2015).

In fact, according to the latest data:

  • Nearly 60 riders have been killed in fatal motorcycle wrecks so far this summer.
  • More than one out of every three of these riders was not wearing a safety helmet when the collision occurred.

If these trends continue, 2016 could prove to be one of the deadliest years for Colorado motorcyclists over the past decade or so.

Reversing the Deadly Trend: How CDOT Is Trying to Prevent Crashes, Save Lives

Alarmed by this substantial increase in fatal motorcycle accidents, CDOT officials are now working to combat the trend, prevent wrecks and save more lives. Part of this effort reportedly involves a renewed public safety campaign aimed at promoting drivers’ awareness of motorcyclists.

Reminding drivers to always double check for riders sharing the road with them, this campaign will disseminate safety announcement s and ads on the radio, as well as on social media, at gas pumps and other key locations where motorists commonly are. The main message officials want motorists to take away is that riders “are not hiding” and that looking twice can save lives.

This safety campaign will reportedly run through Labor Day, covering the peak riding season in Colorado.

How Motorists Can Prevent Fatal Motorcycle Crashes

During the rest of this summer season (and beyond), here are some things that drivers can do to prevent motorcycle accidents and promote public safety on the roads:

  • Check blind spots and mirrors – and use indicators – before turning or changing lanes.
  • Never drive when impaired, as that can limit your perception and reaction times.
  • Leave plenty of headroom or space when driving behind or around riders.
  • Never speed, and always comply with traffic laws.

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