Claims Adjusters Tactics Used to Minimize Claims in Aurora

Be wary of claims adjuster tactics if you are making a claim. Make sure you know how to deal with the insurance adjuster. Remember, insurance companies are businesses and aren’t eager to part with money, which they may use to invest.

Claims adjusters may use certain tactics to keep more money in the company’s pockets. An injury attorney in Aurora, Colorado at the Law Offices of D.J. Banovitz can help you deal with insurance companies when making a claim following an accident resulting in personal injury.

Common Claims Adjuster Tactics

One of the most common claims adjuster tactics is to find ways to deny your claim. They may use things you say and do against you, so be careful of what you tell them. Never apologize or make any admissions of guilt. For example, even an innocent, “I feel bad about the other person’s car,” doesn’t make you sound sympathetic to a claims adjuster. It makes you sound guilty. Try to look objectively at the accident and then only speak from that place.

Be truthful, but only stick to the facts of which you are sure. If something you tell the insurance company turns out to be incorrect, you could be seen as dishonest, which can negatively impact your claim.

Along the same line, adjusters may try to get you to admit fault. The adjuster may ask loaded questions, such as asking how responsible the person thinks he or she was for the accident. Adjusters may also ask how the weather affected the accident and how the crash could have been avoided.

They may also ask for your medical records or ask about any previous injuries you may have had. Don’t answer any of these questions until you speak with an injury attorney in Aurora, who can provide guidance regarding how to deal with an insurance adjuster.

Claims adjusters may also ask you to submit to a recorded phone call. Do not tell them you are fine or feeling okay. If injuries appear weeks later, you may be seen as a liar, which can affect your claim. The adjusters will ask you these types of questions hoping that you will downplay your injuries so they can quickly settle your case.

A claims adjuster may also try to settle quickly. He or she may contact you immediately following the accident and try to get you to sign a full release and accept a lowball offer.

Although the amount the adjuster offers may seem like a lot at the time, and you may want to hurry up and put the situation behind you, settling quickly may bar you from future recovery. If injuries appear weeks or months later, you will not be able to recover compensation for them. Contact an injury attorney in Aurora, Colorado for help figuring out how to deal with an insurance adjuster.

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