Catastrophic Injury Attorney Can Help Gather Evidence to Prove Your Case

While there are a number of ways that one can succumb to a catastrophic injury in Colorado, the one constant is the detrimental effect that it will have on both the individual and the family. All aspects considered, the serious injury coupled with the devastating financial toll will be a lot for the family to endure.

The question is, after a catastrophic injury what evidence should be collected in order to ensure the maximum financial payout? This is something that a catastrophic injury attorney will be able to explain in more detail, but a highlight of these points will be summarized here.

One of the first and most important steps is to make sure that you keep a detailed record of every event starting from the point of the accident all the way up to meeting with your catastrophic injury attorney . If you are physically unable to do so because of the sustained injuries, try and get a friend or loved one to do this for you.

The More Details, The Better

Write down every detail:

  • the exact descriptions of the parties involved;
  • each and every injury;
  • every word said; and
  • every perceived act of negligence on the part of the other parties.

This will not only make it much easier to recount events when you are asked for such points, but will also ensure that nobody tries to change their story, which could result in you not getting the settlement to which you may be entitled. Be as detailed as possible and be sure to leave nothing out!

Ideally you will want to get in touch with a catastrophic injury attorney the second you have been injured. In this case they will be there right from the beginning and will make sure that you do not make any mistakes that could be devastating to your case. For most people, however, this will not be possible.

Usually after suffering such an accident your first concerns and the concerns of your family will be about your health (and this should be the case) so the idea of contacting a lawyer may be an afterthought. If you cannot contact an attorney right away make sure that you keep detailed medical records of each and every injury sustained.

This can include your own personal notes, but also try to obtain copies of the records from your doctor and the hospital. These are more useful as it is much easier to prove serious injuries with official medical documents, X-rays and CT scans than it is with handwritten notes from the injured. This will be much appreciated by your attorney.

Get Help From An Experienced Colorado Injury Firm

If you have been the victim of a catastrophic injury in Colorado you should not hesitate in contacting the law office of D.J. Banovitz for help gathering evidence and preparing a strong claim. Don’t rely on insurance companies to do the right thing.

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