Catastrophic Injuries Resulting in Deafness

Catastrophic Injury: Attorney Explains Effects of Hearing Loss in an Accident

It only takes a split second, but you could be the victim of a catastrophic injury causing deafness that lasts a lifetime. The suddenness and force of the incident can be so powerful that many victims don’t fully comprehend the seriousness of the injury at first.

A victim of a violent car crash, for example, may honestly believe that rescue personnel on the scene are purposely speaking in hushed tones in order to instill a sense of calmness. If you have suffered hearing loss after an accident, you should explore your legal options with a Denver catastrophic injury lawyer.

What does catastrophic mean?

‘Catastrophic’ is often used to describe events or situations that are so destructive that the individual suffers complete physical and financial ruin. The word also implies an element of unexpectedness so that the victim could not have avoided the tragedy even with taking appropriate precautions. When a person suffers a catastrophic injury, the implications can be quite bleak as the individual faces serious, long-term challenges.

Catastrophic Injuries Resulting in Deafness

A catastrophic injury causing permanent total or partial deafness may have countless causes. The most common causes are motor vehicle accidents, industrial and construction accidents, and falls. Other causes include horrendous acts of violence, diving accidents, sporting accidents, injuries from falling or flying objects, and military incidents. No matter how the injury happened, a Denver catastrophic injury attorney may be able to help when another person is at fault for causing these life-changing injuries.

Many catastrophic incidents involve heavy explosions or high pitched deafening sounds, which damage the sensitive structure within the ears. Hearing loss can be either conductive (affecting the outer ear, eardrum, or middle ear) or sensorineural (affecting the inner ear or central processing centers of the brain). The hearing loss may be mild, moderate, severe, or profound.

The human ear is an extremely delicate and highly sensitive instrument. A single explosion of around 85 decibels can cause noise-induced hearing loss. The noise from the impact of a car crash can exceed this level, but is not the only concern for drivers and passengers. The high-pitched sound of an airbag deploying can fall within the 150 to 170 decibels range depending on the size of the car, the number of occupants, and other factors. As most cars are now equipped with airbags, car accident-induced hearing loss has been on the rise.

Economic and Social Costs of Hearing Loss

There are many occupations where a minimum level of hearing is required or expected to perform the duties and responsibilities of the job. Even partial hearing loss can mean the end of the victim’s career as a:


  • telemarketer;
  • translator;
  • airline pilot;
  • merchant seaman;
  • police officer; or
  • truck or bus driver.


Likewise, the social costs in hearing loss become immeasurable when performing daily activities, such as communicating with family and friends.

The economic and social consequences of sudden deafness may require months of extensive vocational rehabilitation and life skills training. A Denver catastrophic injury attorney can help you defer those costs by filing a personal injury claim.

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