Catastrophic Injuries – Blindness

A catastrophic injury may occur without warning. A catastrophic injury can occur virtually anywhere, but they are most commonly caused by car accidents, falls, workplace accidents, and construction accidents. Injuries are considered catastrophic if they cause severe bodily damage that lasts a long time or even permanently.

The most common types of catastrophic injuries include amputation, nerve damage, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, bone fractures, and burns. Blindness may also be a catastrophic injury. If you or a loved one suffered a catastrophic injury, your best course of action is to contact a Denver catastrophic injury attorney.

Causes of Blindness

Blindness is typically permanent, but there have been instances in which those who are visually impaired regain their sight days, months, or even years later. Although blindness is often caused by a variety of medical conditions, it is possible to suffer blindness or any other type of severe eye injury from an accident.

Blindness is caused by damage directly to the eye or to the area of the brain that controls sight. A falling or flying object may get caught in the eye. A sports-related accident may cause a ball or other equipment to strike the eye. Acts of violence can also cause blindness. Even medical malpractice can cause damage to the eye. If you suffer from blindness caused by a catastrophic injury, contact a Denver catastrophic injury attorney.

Effects of Blindness

We rely on our eyes to see. When people go blind as a result of a catastrophic injury, their lives are changed forever. They are unable to do many of the things they normally did, like drive, ride a bike, and read. They have to rely on others for help with daily living. They may get some assistance from aids such as special glasses, canes, and seeing-eye dogs, but for the most part, their lives are greatly impacted.

Contacting a Lawyer

If your blindness is a catastrophic injury caused by someone’s negligence, you have legal rights. When someone else is at fault, you can file a lawsuit against them to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you suffer from blindness or any catastrophic injury, you need an experienced Denver catastrophic injury attorney to handle your case. The Law Office of D.J. Banovitz has the skills and knowledge to help you win your personal injury lawsuit. Contact him today at 1-303-300-5060 and request your free booklet 7 Costly Mistakes that can Ruin Your Colorado Injury Case.

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