Catastrophic Accidents: The Scope of the Damage after a Ruptured Organ Injury

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are roughly 30,000 fatal motor vehicle crashes every year, and thousands of additional collisions that cause non-fatal, yet devastating injuries. When accident victims sustain an extremely forceful impact, they can sustain serious internal injuries including ruptured organs.

Organ Ruptures after a Serious Collision

Ruptured organs, brain damage, and dismemberment are a few injuries in major motor vehicle accidents that can cause significant disability.

Some of the types of ruptured organ injuries that accident victims sustain include:

  • ruptured spleen;
  • diaphragmatic ruptures;
  • aortic ruptures;
  • tracheobronchial rupture;
  • blunt hepatic trauma; and
  • punctured lungs.

In addition to passenger vehicle accidents, many of these injuries occur in motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents.

These accident injuries usually occur when:

  • the body forcefully collides with the side of the car or the steering wheel;
  • compressed in the wreckage; or
  • thrown from the vehicle upon impact.

Treatment Focus for Ruptured Organs

Ruptured organs are life-threatening injuries that necessitate swift and intensive medical treatment. Treatments depend upon the nature and location of the injury. Some patients may require an organ transplant to replace the damaged organ.

Doctors focus first on:

  • stabilizing the patient;
  • repairing the organ via surgery; and
  • stopping any internal bleeding.

Doctors will then devise a treatment plan that focuses on the prevention of secondary damage. If surgery is successful, patients may still expect a long road of recovery and disability after treatment.

The Devastating Impact of a Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury changes the entire course of a person’s life as ruptured organ injuries mean:

  • intensive care;
  • medical diagnostics;
  • a long hospital stint;
  • possible disability; and
  • a lengthy recovery time.

Furthermore, there is a huge psychological impact many victims face. Some victims experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Other victims experience:

  • clinical depression;
  • anxiety; and
  • have reduced enjoyment in life.

Then there is the financial impact. A serious injury racks up horrendous medical bills, compounded by the fact that many victims aren’t able to return to work and earn a living for some time.

If you or your loved one has recently been involved in a serious accident, your physician may recommend seeking a counselor or mental health professional in order to deal with the emotional issues in the aftermath.

Seeking Financial Restitution after a Serious Car Accident

If another party’s negligent or careless actions caused the accident, you can file a claim for financial restitution. You’ll be able to collect compensation for not only the medical bills, but also lost wages, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

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