Can I sue the government entity for a bike accident?

If you find yourself in a situation wondering if you can sue the government for a bike accident, speak with a Denver personal injury lawyer. This will depend on the type of claim and against whom it is being filed. In some cases, your claim may involve premises liability. Interrogatories may be an integral part of some cases, and a lawyer can assist with this and other aspects of your case.

But you also should know that even if it’s allowable, filing a claim against the government may come with some challenges. Claims against the government are filed under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). However, not every type of lawsuit will be allowed under the FTCA. You would need to discuss your particular situation with an attorney who has handled similar cases.

Figuring Out if You Can Sue the Government for a Bike Accident

One of the considerations that will need to be made is whether or not you are suing a federal employee. Sometimes the government will hire independent contractors. If one of them was negligent, you may not have a case against the government.

However, if you were struck on your bike by a postal worker, for example, then you could file a claim under FTCA. One possible exception is if you are struck by an emergency vehicle such as a fire truck or police car responding to an accident or another emergency. These are generally more difficult to pursue.

There are numerous circumstances in which an individual may be injured by a government worker. For instance, if you were injured on a public bike path that was unsafe, and the government was negligent in rectifying the hazard, the government could be held responsible for your injuries and a claim may be filed for premises liability. Interrogatories may be required whatever the cause of your injuries as you seek written responses to your questions.

Consulting a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

There are also time limits in filing a claim against the government. To learn more about your legal rights and figure out if you can sue the government for your bike accident, contact D.J. Banovitz at 303-300-5060.