Broken Wrist Treatment after a Slip and Fall Accident in Arvada

Slip and falls happen everywhere – from restaurants in Olde Town Arvada to private homes in residential areas – and can cause serious injuries. While hip fractures, head injuries, and bruises are some common injuries that result from slip and falls, another painful injury that requires medical attention is a broken wrist.

If you’ve experienced a slip and fall and are experiencing pain in your wrist, it may be broken. For a look into symptoms, as well as common broken wrist treatment options, read on.

Slip and Fall Accident in Arvada: Signs of a Broken Wrist

An individual may break his wrist in a slip and fall accident when attempting to use his hand to break the fall. Symptoms of a broken hand or wrist may include the following:

  • bruising.
  • severe pain especially when moving the wrist.
  • deformities in the hand and wrist.
  • numbness.
  • inability to the move the hand or wrist.
  • and, swelling.

If you have fallen on your hand or wrist and have any of the symptoms above, call a doctor. In order to diagnose your condition, you will probably undergo the following treatment:

  • a hand and wrist X-ray.
  • a physical exam that checks for pain, nerve damage, and impaired blood flow.
  • and, may undergo an MRI or CT scan.

Slip and Fall Accident in Arvada: Broken Wrist Treatment Options

Once a doctor has decided that you do indeed have a broken wrist, treatment will ensue.

Usually, there are four ways to treat a broken wrist.

  • Immobilization of the wrist, usually by putting it in a cast or splint.
  • Medication to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Physical therapy after the broken wrist heals to restore range of motion and reduce stiffness.
  • And, invasive procedures, such as surgery.

While most broken wrist treatment regimens include a combination of a cast, medication, and physical therapy, some breaks are so severe than surgery is required. During a surgery for a broken wrist, a medical professional may have to implant rods, pins, screws, plates, or bone grafts into the wrist.

Slip and Fall Accident in Arvada: Recovery Time

If you broke your wrist, the typical timeframe to heal is a couple of months. However, some patients may require a longer period of time to heal. Healing time is often longer for elderly people, and for those with osteoporosis.

In addition to a lengthy healing time, a broken wrist can lead to the following condition.

  • long-term stiffness.
  • discomfort.
  • and, arthritis.

Additionally, it may require expensive medical care, and the costs of the broken wrist treatment can often be financially burdensome.

Slip and Fall Accident in Arvada: Who’s liable for damages?

If your broken wrist resulted from a slip and fall accident that occurred on someone else’s property, and if the slip and fall was the result of the property owner’s negligence, s/he may be liable for your injury under premises liability law. Take pictures of the hazard that caused your accident and collect other evidence to prove liability, like eyewitness testimony and medical reports.

If injured in a slip and fall accident in Arvada area, an attorney can help determine whether the property owner was at fault for your accident. D.J. Banovitz is ready to get you the compensation you need and deserve for your costs and losses. Colorado Revised Statutes Section 13-80-102 requires that a claim for compensation be filed within two years of the date of accident—therefore, you need to act shortly after the accident.

For clarity regarding your rights as an accident victim, and insight into your legal options moving forward, call 303-300-5060 to speak with a slip and fall accident attorney in Arvada today. At D.J. Banovitz Personal Injury Law, we offer injured parties a FREE initial consultation.

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