Bike Riding Fatigue? 3 Ways to Avoid It

Bicycling is one of the most popular sports in Denver and the surrounding areas, and millions of Coloradoans use cycling as a means of commuting or recreation. Unfortunately, a love of cycling can often lead to long trips that result in fatigue and accidents. In 2002, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reported that from 1994 to 2000, 1,131 Colorado residents were hospitalized or died from a bicycling-related accident.

If you’re planning a long bike trip, it’s important to stay safe, ride the right bike, and avoid bike riding fatigue, refer to the following.

Avoid Bike Riding Fatigue: Tip #1 – Rest as Needed

Cycling can be an intense sport that can tire your body quickly. When you’re cycling, don’t deny the urge to a take a break to rest and recover. Each person requires rest differently. You may need to stop for a five-minute break, or you may require a longer break when cycling.

If you’re doing a full day or multiple day trip, make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before, as sleep is one of the most important aspects of beating mental and physical fatigue.

Avoid Bike Riding Fatigue: Tip #2 – Fuel Up and Keep Hydrated

As you stop along your route to rest, take the opportunity to fuel up and replenish your water source. Great snacks to have on hand include the following.

  • trail mix.
  • low-sugar energy or protein bars.
  • fruit.
  • and, dried meat or jerky.

Try to avoid candy, sugary beverages, or excessive amounts of fruit. While you’ll need carbs to act as your source of energy, protein will help to keep fatigue at bay for longer. While snacks are great, your body will also require a meal at some point. Have a lunch packed, or stop somewhere along your route to get something more substantial.

In addition to snacking smart along the way, make sure you’re staying hydrated too. Exercising requires a lot of your body’s energy, and chances are you’ll be sweating pretty profusely. When you sweat, you not only use valuable sources of hydration, but a lot of important electrolytes as well.

As such, try to drink something to replenish those electrolytes in addition to just water. Mineral water, coconut water, and sports drinks are all good sources of electrolytes, and will give you the boost that you need to carry on.

Avoid Bike Riding Fatigue: Tip #3 – Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the morning of your long ride to throw together a pack of snacks; rather, plan your route, stopping points, and fuel and hydration sources in advance. You know your body best and how often you require rest. As such, pack appropriately and thoroughly so that you don’t forget anything the morning of the ride, and have an idea of when you’ll stop and for how long.

Furthermore, make sure you fuel and hydrate yourself before you even set out on your long ride. Get plenty of nutrients, water, and sleep the day before your trip. And remember that you shouldn’t wait until dehydration or hunger set in before acting—the best method to avoiding bike riding fatigue is to prevent it by staying hydrated and energized throughout the duration of the ride.

Call Denver’s Bike Accident Attorney When You Need Legal Help

Unfortunately, all the planning in the world to prevent bike riding fatigue or to stay safe isn’t always enough to prevent calamities, and bicycling accidents do happen. If you’ve been involved in a cycling accident, Colorado Revised Statutes Section 13-80-101 allows you three years from the time of a bicycle traffic accident to file a personal injury case. If you’ve sustained serious injuries, an attorney can help to get you the compensation you deserve.

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