Bicycle v. Car Accidents Common Liabilities

Denver Car-Bicycle Accident: Attorney Discusses Types of Party Liability

Motorists and cyclists are both responsible for obeying the rules of the road so that a serious car accident or bicycle accident can be avoided. When they fail to do so, they share the same consequences and common liabilities. While some drivers may think that the roads were specifically built for them, Colorado lawn states that cyclists have the same right to travel on the highways as motorists.

Likewise, a cyclist may erroneously believe that they always have the right-away when, in fact, they may sometimes have to yield to a motor vehicle. In the event of a serious accident between these 2 parties in Denver, seek a car accident attorney for help.

Common Liabilities

Bicycle-car accidents often can be avoided when drivers and cyclists follow the rules of the road and take simple safety precautions. Drivers and cyclists share many of the most common liabilities, and these liabilities often arise because both drivers and cyclists do not pay close enough attention and fail to share the road in accordance with the rules.

A Few situations that cause common liabilities:

  • Improper signaling and turning. The breakdown in communication between the motorist and the cyclist causes many accidents. Drivers and cyclists who fail to give proper turning or hand signals can create potentially dangerous situations. Moreover, drivers who become impatient and always try to turn in front of a cyclist who has the right-of-way can cutoff or collide with the bicycle. This creates a great risk of injury for the rider.
  • Dangerous passing and misjudging distances. Sometimes a motorist won’t give a bicyclist enough room while passing, which can force the bicycle off of the road or create a risk of the car potentially hitting the cyclist with the side of the vehicle or side-view mirror. In Colorado, drivers must maintain a 3 feet clearance when passing a cyclist. Likewise, a cyclist may misjudge the distance between their bicycle and a row of parked cars and, as a result, veer into moving traffic.
  • Underestimating speed. Drivers who have trouble estimating the speed of bicycles may underestimate the ability of the cyclist to catch up or pass them, thus causing dangerous close encounters. Similarly, an inexperienced cyclist may misjudge their speed in overtaking a stopped car before a turn.
  • Losing control of the vehicle. When motorists and cyclists don’t maintain sufficient control of their respective type of transportation, accidents are bound to happen. Every person on the road needs to make sure that they’re able to come to a controlled stop in the event of an emergency, and they should make sure their speed isn’t excessive for the existing roads conditions, especially when the pavement is wet, icy or under maintenance work.

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